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The Team

Having a strong, dedicated and professional team is something that we are very proud of at Eastside Refrigeration. From the directors to our training apprentices, the goals of total customer satisfaction and providing high quality service are shared throughout the company. When you are working with Eastside Refrigeration, you are working with a business that cares.

Sales, Design & Installations Team

Richard Johnston – Managing Director

Richard leads the team of domestic and light commercial sales people. As a qualified Refrigeration Engineer with 30 years experience, he has an in-depth understanding of the company’s product range and offers strong technical and sales backup to the domestic sales team. Richard also supervises installations, often liaising with clients, especially where there is an unusual or specific technical requirement. He will also become involved in the service and preventative maintenance areas when the need arises.


Don Hollingsworth – Director

As a registered REA and NZCE – HIVAC design engineer with over 30 years experience, Don handles the design and sales of all larger commercial projects. This in-house service means you don’t need to go to the trouble and expense of outsourcing design work and can enjoy a much faster turnaround on solutions and budgeting information. Don has been designing and project managing these systems all his working life; there isn’t much that he hasn’t done in the heating, air conditioning and ventilation field.


Shaun Livingstone - Domestic & Light Commercial Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Sales

Shaun has been with Eastside since 2005 and has 18 years experience in the fast paced retail environment. Shaun lives in Cambridge with his family, is a big sports fan and can regularly be seen on the golf course, tennis court or out running.


Shayne Mail - Domestic & Light Commercial Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Sales

 Shayne has an extensive retail background and joined Eastside early 2016. He specialises in domestic housing including new build work.



Installation Teams

We have around ten members dedicated to heat pump, air conditioning and ventilation installation work with various HVAC qualifications and high levels of experience.


Service – Maintenance Team

Simon Gunn – Service Manager

A qualified Refrigeration Engineer with over 20 years experience, Simon leads a team of 9 servicemen and apprentices with varied levels of experience that include the electrical qualifications required for this type of service work. Simon has been with Eastside Refrigeration since 1995.




We have a separate team of five experienced technicians, trained to undertake the scheduled "preventative maintenance" checks of heat pumps and air conditioning as required. We find by running a specialised preventative maintenance team separate to the service department, that this critical work continues to be completed even when service is busy.


We have five apprentices interspersed between the various departments. They range from novice to senior in varying stages of qualification. This provides us with an excellent supply of knowledge and skills coming through in the future and gives our team the chance to better themselves professionally. Eastside Refrigeration has a long history of training apprentices who become quality tradesmen for the industry.