Air Conditioning Hamilton

Eastside refrigeration are specialists with over 40 years of experience in design, installation and servicing. Whether you need cooling for a single room, or a ducted system for your entire business premise, our team of experts will tailor a solution to your needs.

Commercial air conditioning design & installation services

Commercial air conditioning requires professional design and installation.

Services range and features:

  • Commercial air conditioning & HVAC solutions
  • Initial design is managed in house
  • Installation of all systems as needed plus service & ongoing planned prevantative maintanence


Customised HVAC and Climate Control Solutions

Looking for commercial ventilation systems in Hamilton? Eastside refrigeration has the range and experience to tailor the right system to your business.

Our director and commercial project head Don Hollingsworth has over 30 years experience in HIVAC design – there isn’t much in the industry that he hasn’t come across before.

Give us a call and get chatting to Don and the team about custom designing an air-conditioning, heating or ventilation system that works for you.