Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Maintenance

Whether you need maintenance for a single unit or a multi storey building complex. We have a team of five experienced technicians, trained to undertake the scheduled preventative maintenance checks on heat pumps and air conditioning. The specialised preventative maintenance team is separated from the service department to enable continued maintenance when our servicing team is busy.


Maintenance - How Often Should My Heat Pump Be Cleaned?


Air conditioning maintenance

Indoor units should be checked at least once a year in a domestic application. We check air filters, drains and the performance of your system.

Any issues, even those that seem to be minor, can create inefficient systems making them less cost-effective. Organising regular preventative maintenance with us will ensure you aren’t paying more to heat and cool your home or office than you need to be.


For commercial installations checks are normally carried out every 90 days. We are IQP certified to carry out checks to comply for HCC building warrant of fitness.


Warranty Information

In domestic applications most new systems are covered by a 5 year parts and labour warranty (check specific warranty at time of purchase). However, this warranty excludes the breakdown of equipment caused by a lack of regular maintenance (i.e., filter cleaning). For a heat pump system that is used regularly we recommend that the filters are cleaned at least every 90 days. In a normal home or office environment this will keep the system operating efficiently.


Filter Cleaning

Repair of an Air conditioning unit

This check includes the following:

  • Check operation procedure and control settings
  • Clean filters
  • Check condenser and evaporator coils
  • Check condensate drain and flush if required
  • Report on any further work that may be required

Includes Disinfectant - for indoor units

We also use a disinfectant product on the indoor unit filters. "Greenleaf Coil & Duct Disinfectant" is an all in one spray designed to disinfect air conditioning duct surfaces and indoor coils, whilst also deodorising with a mild "eucalyptus" fragrance. Designed to kill bacteria as well as mould, fungi and mildew, it also helps to cure bad odours. Product Techinical Data sheet available upon request.