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Servicing & Repair - Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration

We have been servicing and repairing refrigeration and air conditioning units in Hamilton for over 40 years.

Our service department focuses predominantly on air conditioning and refrigeration, with some work in ventilation. The team service and maintain many specialised sites, including large coolrooms, and blast freezers, as well as specialised medical and scientific equipment. We perform regular maintenance for several multi-storey high rise buildings and large retail shopping complexes.


Service & Maintenance Team

Simon Gunn – Service Manager

A qualified Refrigeration Engineer with over 20 years experience, Simon leads a team of 9 servicemen and apprentices with varied levels of experience that include the electrical qualifications required for this type of service work. Simon has been with Eastside Refrigeration since 1995.




We have a separate team of five experienced technicians, trained to undertake the scheduled "preventative maintenance" checks of heat pumps and air conditioning as required. We find by running a specialised preventative maintenance team separate to the service department, that this critical work continues to be completed even when service is busy.


We have five apprentices interspersed between the various departments. They range from novice to senior in varying stages of qualification. This provides us with an excellent supply of knowledge and skills coming through in the future and gives our team the chance to better themselves professionally. Eastside Refrigeration has a long history of training apprentices who become quality tradesmen for the industry.


Service testimonials


Paul Bennett - Chief Executive Officer  -  Braemar  Hospital  Hamilton.

Eastside Refrigeration is an excellent example of a Waikato based business which delivers exceptional service. Braemar Hospital has had the privilege of working with Eastside Refrigeration since August 2012. They are one of Braemar’s key contractors and play a pivotal role in maintaining our state of the art air conditioning system.

Simon Gunn, Eastside’s Service Manager, has a very hands on approach, is an excellent communicator and leads a team of very competent technicians. Being a surgical hospital with 10 operating theatres, it is paramount that response times are short - Eastside Refrigeration’s ability to respond under pressure is excellent.

Apart from the service agreement which is in place, Simon offers sound advice on all relevant matters and pro-actively manages project type work. Likely costs and timeframes are always clearly explained. We have full confidence in Eastside Refrigeration’s ability to deliver a consistently high level of service and would certainly recommend them to any other business.


Craig Steel - Operations Manager, Centre Place and Downtown Plaza Shopping Centres

"Climate control is crucial in today's retail environment but maintaining a comfortable atmosphere within a shopping centre is not easy. Time and again the Eastside Refrigeration team have proved to be an essential component in the efficient operation and preventative maintenance of our extensive air-conditioning plant. It is reassuring to know their expertise is available at short notice, at any time and that the advice offered is cost efficient. We look forward to working with the Eastside team well in to the future".

Mike King (Site Manager), Andy Bell Electrical Overseer - AgResearch Limited, Ruakura Agricultural Research Centre

"AgResearch is New Zealand’s largest Crown Research Institute (CRI) with expertise in biological sciences, therefore playing a key role in boosting the productivity of our bio-dependent economy. AgResearch's mission is to create sustainable wealth in the pastoral and biotechnology sectors with science and technology. Our scientists develop leading-edge scientific solutions for a range of national and international customers, including government agencies, industry bodies and private companies."

"The Ruakura Agricultural Research Centre is the largest research campus within AgResearch, and we have built a relationship with Richard and Don and the Team from very early on in the establishment of Eastside Refrigeration limited. It is imperative that our specialist laboratories maintain constant temperatures to ensure consistency of science trial results. We also have sophisticated science equipment requiring specialised air handling solutions. Eastside Refrigeration have always provided us with the best solutions and as facilities managers of AgResearch we are also interested in any operational efficiencies available within buildings management systems. To this end we have been working with Eastside Refrigeration on an air conditioning upgrade project where we are replacing old technology air con units with the new inverter systems including taking out old electric heating systems in buildings. With Waikato's fluctuating seasonal temperature changes we have been pleased to see our energy use reducing as these new inverter systems are installed. Eastside Refrigeration Limited have built up a dedicated team of service specialists and as our preferred provider of air conditioning solutions we would have no hesitations in recommending them to anyone who wants the best solutions with prompt response.".