Braemar Hospital

Braemar Hospital

Located at 24 Ohaupo Road, one of Hamilton’s most prestigious private hospitals, Braemar Hospital underwent an exemplary fitout of the new Medical Services Building and existing ward, undertaken by Naylor Love.

Eastside Refrigeration played a pivotal role in implementing sustainable and environmentally conscious heating and cooling technologies based on designs by Innerscape Building Service consultants. Utilising various subcontractors to meet the expansive design scope, this crucial refit included office spaces, wards, minor operating facilities, and consultancy spaces.

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Medical Services Building Fitout

The system install, Mitsubishi Electric Hybrid VRF system in the new medical services building was new to the Hamilton market; a unique three-pipe heat recovery system that consists of a refrigeration system and a chilled/hot water loop. This system reduces environmental impact and enhances occupant safety by limiting the amount of refrigerant used, using chilled or hot water instead. Ideal for a hospital environment where quiet, energy-efficient simultaneous heating and cooling are required in small, occupied spaces. This work was completed in February 2021.

Braemar Ward Fitout

This system was an addition to the current plant on site, which is regularly serviced by Eastside Refrigeration. 15 new fan coil units and all associated ducting, controls, pipework, and wiring were added to the current chilled and hot water loops, which are supplied off three natural gas-supplied boilers and three chiller units. This work was completed in March 2023.

The two new systems ensure operational efficiency and environmental benefits while significantly improving comfort and safety for patients and staff, thereby setting a new standard for hospital infrastructure in the region.

Both projects were delivered to a specified design, on time and on budget.

Circa: $1M

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