Latter Day Saints Church Complex – Tuhikaramea Road

Latter Day Saints Church Complex – Tuhikaramea Road

The Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints, located in Temple View, Hamilton, is one of the largest religious establishments in Hamilton.

First opened in 1958 and spanning more than 14 hectares, it recently underwent major development work, which was completed in April 2021 under the steady rein of Livingstone Construction.

Throughout the development process, Eastside Refrigeration spearheaded all aspects of the comprehensive heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) installation for the new arrivals centre and accommodation blocks near the main temple. The crucial element of this project was ensuring the use of cutting-edge technology that enables complete comfort with heating, ventilation and air-conditioning within different zones of each building.

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This project included managing aspects from staff on-site to subcontractors and project variations - ensuring a quality installation was delivered on time and according to all design specifications.

The design, conceptualised by the Church of the Latter-day Saints in America, introduced unique challenges, including procuring specific equipment, handling time differences for project variation approvals, and adapting design drawings that used the imperial measurement system. Despite these hurdles, and thanks to its skilled Design and Project Management Teams, Eastside Refrigeration managed to navigate these challenges effectively.

The installed system included:

  • 7 VRF outdoor units
  • 1 Multi-split system outdoor unit
  • 51 VRF indoor units
  • 2 Indoor split system units
  • 1 Temperzone Heat recovery ventilation system
  • 5 various extract systems

Circa: $1M

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